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You are not alone
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"What a difference a year makes!

Boundaries? What's that? I had NONE.

Values, rights, needs and triggers? Mindfulness? All new words and emotions I was ignoring or clueless about.

At age 64 in the prime of my life. Newly retired, I found myself full or resentment, anger, frustrated and full of anxiety and stress. Not over the normal things. I was so busy taking care of everyone else's needs and wants, I was ignoring my own until it started to affect my health.

My sister suggested a friend of hers found a great therapist on the "Psychology Today" website. So I started searching for someone in my area. It WAS the hardest call I had ever made to ADMIT I WAS FEELING DOOMED and out of control at this stage of my life.

That call changed and saved my life. I now have boundaries and still working on that weak area. I now have clarity, calmness and know how to STOP THE INSANITY.

Amanda Harmon is a very talented and gifted therapist. I have found her to be highly professional, competent, reliable, and compassionate towards me and my journey. She wants her clients to succeed. Amanda made a difference in my life, and I am forever grateful for the skills she has taught me."

Connie M.

"I sought out EMDR therapy after experiencing a trauma and eventually being diagnosed with PTSD. I was experiencing distressing symptoms, and while hopeful for improvement I was also somewhat skeptical of EMDR. After discussing my situation and issues with my EMDR therapist, she expressed confidence that EMDR could improve my symptoms. 

The EMDR sessions involve discussing an aspect of the trauma experience, then actively thinking about it while watching a ball bouncing back and forth. when I have negative beliefs, my therapist guides me in identifying positive beliefs I would rather embrace. The EMDR therapy is helping me learn to reframe negative beliefs into new positive beliefs about myself. 

I found that EMDR began to provide some symptom relief almost immediately, which truly surprised me. Other symptoms are taking longer to combat, and I continue working with my EMDR therapist and feel confident those will fade away with more work."

Debbie L.

"I have never had any form of therapy before, so I was quite anxious and apprehensive before meeting Amanda, but she instantly made me feel comfortable and completely at ease from our first session. Amanda made it easy for me to open up and discuss anything that was on my mind, including expressing difficult emotions, and provided me with many practical tools to help me through my daily struggles. 

With Amanda's knowledgeable guidance through the EMDR process, I have been able to clear many debilitating patterns that were holding me back from being able to live a normal, happy life. I am forever grateful to Amanda for all she has done for me."

Michelle C.

"I highly recommend Amanda for counseling. Clients will receive the care and attention they need and deserve. She is very empathetic and professional. I have enjoyed our time working together using the Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD (CPT). With her guidance and support using this method, I can actually see amazing progress in my mental health, my self-confidence, and my perception of myself, others, and the circumstances around me."

Cara L.

Afternoon Light

If you are ready to take that first step towards healing, please contact me. 





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